I Didn’t Always Plan

rawpixel-com-211022One of my biggest mistakes was not planning every aspect of my life. Planning doesn't mean writing down every single detail. Planning is having an overall bigger picture of yourself and your life. The areas in my life that are successful, I envisioned them. I gave those areas intentional thought.


Little me croppedAs a young girl, I knew I would be married before I had children. I knew my children would be a product of my marriage. However, I was never intentional about the quality of my marriage. I never thought about the ups and downs that marriages face. How would I handle them?How would we overcome difference?

Sure enough, my marriage fell apart. One thing I knew for sure is that my children wouldn't be a "statistic." I knew that I would instill in them a desire to learn, experience new things, and encourage them to be their best. When my divorce failed I started from the bottom. I lost everything, my house, belongings, income, security, and much more.

I was told that having a college degree was the answer. Prior to my divorce, I enrolled in a few classes here and there (I wanted the Pell Grant monies). Things had changed, I began to take my/our future seriously. In order for my children and me to overcome the hurdles that were in front of us.

I jumped head first into life. I worked two full-time time jobs. One job consisted of three twelve hour shifts; Saturday, Sunday, and Monday from 10:00 pm - 10:30 am. Working this crazy shift allowed me to have flexibility during the day, and earn a 10% shift differential. I would leave work at 10:30 am and head to class or work. I attended every community college in the greater Phoenix area just to obtain my Associates Degree.

It took a lot of hard work to earn my Associates degree. I took Math 142 four times. I carried my book with me everywhere. I couldn't grasp the concept. I went from being a stay at home mom with a limited skill set to chasing "success." math book 1 My class was online, yet I went to the campus for tutoring. I had friends tutor me. I took the class in person once or twice. I  still have my book. It reminds me of my struggle, journey, and determination. math book 2







At my second job I worked hard, I talked to management, and convinced them, that I needed to make more than $10 an hour.  Within one year, I had received an additional $4 an hour. I worked both of my jobs until it was time for me complete my college practicum.

Fast forward 10 years later. I have worked through blood, sweat, tears, doubt, and fear. Yet, I have managed to regain everything I lost and then some. I did exactly what I was told to do, I went to college. However, college wasn't the only answer. I would have gotten here faster if I'd known how to Plan & Prepare properly.

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