The Course: Plan & Prepare

Plan & Prepare is a four series course that has married self-reflective activities, habit building, tips, and seven timeless tools that support the beginning stages of achieving your goals and dreams.
Plan & Prepare is not your average, dry and boring course. This course is witty, hands-on, engaging and more.
Plan & Prepare  includes:

  • Plan & Prepare 101-Self Reflection & Goal Setting
  • Plan & Prepare 102-Habits & Stamina
  • Plan & Prepare 103 –Your Team
  • Plan & Prepare 104-Execution and Exit

Plan & Prepare: The Workbook
*Cultural-Conscious Curriculum
*Our Cultural-Conscious Curriculum is inclusive of all.

Plan & Prepare The Course

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Plan & Prepare 101: Self Reflection & Goal Setting

Who are you?

Plan & Prepare 102: Habits & Stamina

Are your current habits aligned with your goals?

Plan & Prepare 103: Your Team

The company you keep!

Plan & Prepare 104: Execution and Exit

End goal.

Habits & Lifestyles The Course

Healthier Habits The Course

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Become Aware Of Your Current Habit

How do you spend your time?

Create The Healthier Habit

Which out of the 5 lifestyles areas do you wish to improve?

Track The Healthier Habit

Write it down to make it plain.

Measure Your Healthier Habit

Are you giving it your BEST?

Adjust Your Healthier Habit

Scaffolding equals growth.

Overcome Being Stuck

Life happens. What will you do?